Impact at the Judicial Institutions Department

The Ministry of Justice and Security is also working on impact. Specialisterren is one of the driving forces contributing to this. We are doing so by testing DJI’s new information system. Our operations director Hein Masseling tells his story in DJI’s impact magazine IMPACT een jaar Inkopen met impact 2019 .


Unisys is the supplier of the new information system of the DJI and uses the services of Specialisterren for test work. Hein explains in DJI’s impact magazine how Specialisterren is making an impact. He cherishes the assignments in which the process has been set up in such a way that Specialisterren employees are no longer seen as special. “We function best in organisations where there is a commitment to labour participation right up to the highest management level. If the top is in favour, it affects all layers of the organisation.”

Thanks to their procurement policy, Unisys and DJI contribute to social return. They received a Specialisterren Social Return Certificate for creating jobs for people with a form of autism.

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