Hiring specialized software testers from Specialisterren

Need testing capacity fast or looking for testing expertise? At Specialisterren, we can help! We are a reputable provider of software testing services. With our extensive expertise in various software testing services, we can not only test software very accurately, but also think along and advise on the testing approach. From (automated) functional testing to performance or chain testing, we are here for you.

Our employees are TMAP and/or ISTQB certified and often have some form of autism. Experience shows that our employees work very accurately and quickly identify deviations. This results in a high quality of service.

Why hire our software testers?

Why should you hire our software testers? Our software testers are experts in identifying bugs and are at the forefront of test automation, ensuring software functionality, performance and security. Additionally, because of their unique mindset, our software testers are particularly good at identifying inefficient processes and optimizing the software, resulting in higher productivity and a better user experience.

Moreover, we offer customization and you can choose the working method that best suits your needs. As a result, our software testers can be deployed quickly and flexibly, which is especially useful in these times of tight labor markets.

Our approach

Do you need permanent software testers and testing expertise on your team, or do you want to hire software testers on a project basis? With us, it’s all possible! We offer both “on-demand” and “dedicated” services. In both cases, we strive to deploy a team of software testers for your assignment as quickly as possible.


As the name suggests, you can employ our software testers on an on-call basis. This is ideal, for example, when a development team has to deal with (repetitive) and simple test work, but has no time to carry it out themselves. By having a small team of testers at Specialisterren perform this task, the developers can concentrate on other, more complex work


In the dedicated working method, the job is carried out by a permanent team from Specialisterren. Each team member has his or her own specialty. This allows this team to be deployed on a long-term basis for a complex assignment. A dedicated team is often a permanent part of the client’s development team. In this way, the customer has fixed test capacity and test expertise available for large (Agile) projec

Social Return

Are you looking for an efficient way to meet a social return obligation? An added benefit of working with Specialisterren is that we can help you achieve CSR goals and social return obligations. By purchasing our services, you automatically comply with Social Return.

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