A new collaboration: Specialisterren and We Are Orange!

We Are Orange (WAO)

WAO automates business processes and builds and integrates applications . The idea for WAO was conceived over 3 years ago by Guust Nieuwenhuis and Vincent de Winter during a holiday on the camping in Zeeland. Meanwhile, WAO has grown into an organisation of about 10 people. These 10 people live all over the world and know each other from previous collaborations.

Training portal for NATO

Specialisterren and WAO are working together for NATO. WAO is building a training portal for the Special Operation Forces. The training portal contains various courses to keep the military personnel up to date with their training. The front-end of the portal looks simple, but at the back-end there are all kinds of workflows: from registering students and accepting them to organising courses and an online management tool. All this has to work well and has to be tested. Specialisterren provides test capacity for that.

Working with great organisations

WAO had already known Specialisterren for some time, but with this project at NATO they now found an opportunity to set up a partnership. Vincent: “We work on the principle that we want to work with organisations that we like and support. We also believe that everyone has their own expertise and that they can strengthen each other in this. That’s why we wanted to make use of Specialisterren’s expertise in the field of testing and we’re happy with that.

Remote working helps to reduce the pressure in communication

Communication between WAO and Specialisterren takes place using a structured working method and, in order to act quickly, the developers chat directly with the testers. Guust: “Our previous experience with Swink meant that we already knew what it was like to work with people with a form of autism. In fact, we have not noticed any major differences and, in our experience, working remotely contributes to reducing the pressure in communication. The only thing we actively pay attention to in communication is that we do not suddenly increase the pressure very much. Actually, this collaboration teaches us that it would be good to always be a little calmer in communication.

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