Continuity and quality with social impact at De Goudse Insurance!

Social impact through software testing

For 11 years, De Goudse Verzekeringen has been a client of Specialisterren. By choosing Specialisterren as their software testing partner, De Goudse Verzekeringen has not only received high-quality testing services, but also contributed to promoting inclusion and equal employment opportunities. That’s why we stopped by De Goudse to present a Social Return certificate.

Continuity and quality

Because of the qualities our testers with a form of autism have, regression tests are performed with high accuracy every month. As a result, we help the Gouda with quality and continuity. Conversely, this has the same effect. Because of the continuous assignments from the Goudse, Specialisterren can grow as a company and guarantee continuity.

Ab Oulad el Ali and team of de Goudse, thank you for your trust and the fine cooperation!

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