Thinking outside the box for social impact with ilionx!

ilionx is a large provider of various IT solutions for complex issues. It is their mission to bring simplicity into complexity, believing in the power of collaboration. ilionx has several clients where there is a need for both quality assurance and Social Return. To fill this need, they entered into cooperation with Specialisterren.

Thinking in solutions

Because Specialisterren’s way of working is not always the most usual, it sometimes requires thinking outside the box. The people of ilionx can do this: they think in solutions. This leads to great results. For example, ilionx and Specialisterren successfully work together for De Nederlandsche Bank and the Province of Overijssel.

Working together makes the difference

Specialisterren is very happy with the partnership with ilionx. Sjoerd van der Maaden, Director Specialisterren says: “For us it is important that companies and governments see that people with a form of autism can make a great positive contribution to development teams. The fact that ilionx involves Specialisterren as a quality assurance partner gives us the opportunity to work with large companies and authorities. This contributes to positive perceptions around autism and enables Specialisterren to offer jobs to more people with a form of autism. Hence, we visited ilionx to hand over a Social Return certificate!”


Specialisterren is grateful for this cooperation and looks forward to future projects together with ilionx.

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