We offer jobs for people with autism

‍Why people with autism are suitable for a job at Specialisterren

Specialisterren has a working method and corporate culture suitable for people with a form of autism. We provide various IT services in the areas of Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Software Testing. Simply put, this means that we are the guardian of the quality of our clients’ digital transformation.

In this article, read how we ensure Specialisterren is appropriate for all employees, with and without autism, and why we provide especially suitable jobs for highly skilled people with autism.

The advantages of autism for a position at Specialisterren

We see what great benefits autism brings to our field. The IT services we provide require focus, accuracy and attention to detail. We see reflected in our employees with autism that they excel in these areas. Our employees with autism can maintain focus for longer periods of time, which allows them to spot more and different things in a process. 

Also, many of our employees take it for granted that they always deliver results at a high quality level and therefore have an eye for improving processes. This ensures a high level of efficiency. What further makes them pleasant colleagues is the loyalty we often see associated with autism. This loyalty creates a lot of mutual trust and little turnover in the organization. Knowledge therefore remains in-house for a long time, which ensures continuity in the quality of our services. 

By the way, the autism spectrum is huge. Not everyone with autism is the same, so not everyone has the same qualities. The above qualities are the ones we observe most often in the people with autism who work with us. Many of our vacancies for people with autism therefore focus on these specific qualities.

How dowe make the company appropriate for everyone (including people with autism)

At Specialisterren, people’s individual circumstances are taken into account. From there we look at what they are good at and where you should not put this person. With us it is not about how someone can go with the flow as well as possible, but rather how you can employ people in their own way as well as possible.

At the heart of our business is openness and honesty. This creates an open culture where everyone works together on an equal footing. It is understood that different people have different needs. As a result, there is room for individuality which allows everyone to be themselves. For example, we do not have semi-obligatory get-togethers, but instead have completely informal game afternoons. This ensures mutual connection in a safe way. 

Advantages of this way of working

The benefits of our way of working are happier employees who can work in a more stable and relaxed manner. This produces good results, efficiency and less absenteeism. Our way of working not only ensures that people with autism come into their own: all employees benefit. 

Disclaimer: We do not believe that all people with autism can work in IT. However, we do see that there is a group of people with autism who have extraordinary aptitude for a job in IT. For this group, we offer a nice work environment that takes into account what they need. 

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