Getting started with process improvement and RPA!

GoNXT and Specialisterren are joining forces and will work with you to truly improve and innovate processes!

Process improvement is not self-evident. Employees and managers know better than anyone how organising their work more intelligently can help the organisation achieve better results, but at the same time they experience a brake in making this possible. Administrative tasks, insufficiently integrated information provision and a low level of automation prevent employees from fully concentrating on those tasks that really add value to the organisation and its customers.

Obvious improvements are often already in place and more fundamental improvements get bogged down in complexity, cost and priority. Let alone that there is room to really innovate processes for maximum operational results and customer satisfaction.


Team up with GoNXT and Specialisterren to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to successfully implement these fundamental improvements in a short time and make the leap from process control to improvement and innovation!

Peter-Paul Daams on the collaboration with Specialisterren: “Ernst and his team have a unique proposition for developing, testing, maintaining and managing software robots. Because of their dedication and broad experience, they are able to create a software robot in a short period of time and at the same time realise social impact with people with autism. I consider it a privilege to work with them”.

Ernst Kolvenbag adds: “our best-of-breed software robots are the new virtual employees who like nothing better than to take over administrative and repetitive tasks so that employees can fully focus on those tasks that really add value for the organisation and its customers.”

Where system integrations and extensive automation in existing systems are often associated with long lead times, high costs and complexity, these virtual employees are trained and operational in no time and at significantly lower costs. Ernst continues: “and here for us is the added value of the cooperation with GoNXT. Together with our clients, the GoNXT business analysts identify the opportunities for improvement, work these out in concrete roadmaps and specifications, and ensure a solid landing – fitting, direction and management – of the virtual employees.”

In short GoNXT and Specialisterren help you with the “recruitment, onboarding and development” of your virtual employees so that operational costs decrease, quality and productivity increase and employee satisfaction increases. Come and find out about our integral approach and experience how we bring your challenge to a solution during our masterclass ‘Getting started with process improvement and RPA’ on 21 September 2021. Click here to read more and register.

If you want more information, please visit the website or send an e-mail to  ln.1721825438txnog1721825438@ofni1721825438or ln.ne1721825438rrets1721825438ilaic1721825438eps@o1721825438fni1721825438

Written by Peter-Paul Daams

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