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Autistic Tech Employer Demonstrates Power of Social Innovation in New Impact Report

auticon today released its annual Impact Report, illustrating how its model of social innovation is changing lives and making organisations neuro-inclusive.

New report by Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada finds employment barriers, lack of workplace support for autistic community

A new Report from Deloitte Canada and auticon Canada called ‘Embracing neurodiversity at work’, finds almost half of employees with autism don’t feel comfortable disclosing neurodiversity to employers

Autism impact fund leads investment round in auticon, a global technology consulting firm that employs neurodiverse adults

auticon, a social enterprise that employs adults on the autism spectrum as technology consultants, announced today that it had received a capital investment of $2.95 million (USD) with a significant portion coming from an investor group led by Montréal-based Ferst Capital Partners.

Pioneering Neurodiversity Employer Reaches 10 Years and Changes Hundreds of Lives Globally

After 10 years, auticon believes the tide is finally turning for inclusive employment as businesses reap the benefits of diverse thinking but there is still more work to be done.

Perspectives on innovative and creative intelligence

we asked some of our most innovative autistic employees to share their thoughts on innovation, autism, and more.

Providing innovative accommodations in autism-friendly workspaces

While workplace accommodations like dimming the lights and wearing noise-canceling headphones are essential to autistic workers, it’s time to dive deeper into the conversation of workplace accommodations for autism.