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The social challenges of autistic women

Women are diagnosed with autism 2-3 times less often than men (Lai et al. 2011). You can read in the following why this is the case and what challenges they face every day.

Cognitive benefits of Autism in the technology field

About hard and soft skills and how Autism can be a big advantage in the technology field, read the following.

auticon joins forces with Meticulon

auticon, the award-winning, leading global technology employer for autistic professionals, has just entered into the Canadian market in Montréal and now announced to join forces with Meticulon in Calgary, Canada’s first technology company focused on employing people with autism.

Our 2018 Impact Report

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved at auticon UK in 2018 and hope that you will be impressed with the impact set out in this report.

auticon launches in Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland first to partner with auticon to offer jobs to autistic consultants in Edinburgh

Automation – The Journey to Create a Test Case

Automation – The Journey to Create a Test Case A Quest to Learn Software Testing’s Great Potential, by Will Collett Few have not heard of the concept of automation, and many have formed some kind of opinion on the matter. [...]