Neurodiversity Inclusion Service

Benefits of working with our neurodivergent advisory practice

Companies are beginning to understand the vast benefits and competitive advantage of having a neurodiverse workforce. auticon has been placing our autistic consultants into client teams for many years with exceptional results. Many businesses wish to employ their own autistic talents but are unsure of the best way to approach this.

Our advisory services grow from our unique expertise and extensive experience with hundreds of autistic individuals and private/public employers. We help clients across industries and sectors attract, recruit, onboard, retain their own neurodiverse talent, and become more accepting and supporting organisations.

We provide educational and awareness programmes and work closely with our clients to look at their policies, processes, and procedures and offer recommendations on making them more neurodiversity friendly.

“It was great working with auticon. They took the time to understand us as an organization and what we were trying to achieve. They really get that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and took us through what could be changed now and what we could think about in the future.”

Yorath Turner | Head of Digital Capability & Talent, Scottish Government

Our Approach

We provide training, individual guidance and coaching on neurodiversity. Our focus is autism and neurodiversity. Our experienced psychologists and neurodivergent consultants can build individual trainings on additional hidden conditions and other challenges in the workplace on request.

auticon training is delivered by experienced psychologists and autism specialists. All of our training is developed in collaboration with our own neurodivergent employees who provide lived experience of their condition and offer insights into how best to support neurodivergent conditions in the workplace.

We don’t provide blanket recommendations – there is no one size fits all for neurodiverse people or businesses. You receive options that suit you, and options that could suit different people with different needs.

Neurodiversity as a competitive advantage

Working with people who think differently has obvious advantages when it comes to innovation, and when it comes to finding solutions to complex tasks and issues. Neurodiversity in teams (i.e. the collaborative effect of working with different cognitive styles) can also have an astonishing effect on a work culture: communication becomes clearer and more efficient, team spirit gains new momentum and employees feel valued for their unique and individual selves.

What do our clients get out of it?

Training Impact:

  • Creation of diversity standards and best practices
  • Awareness raising and skill building initiatives
  • Reduce bullying and facilitate understanding of diverse peoples
  • Become an “empathetic” organization to reduce conflict and teach understanding

Social Change:

  • Lead the world in social change and inclusivity
  • Real innovation through a unique way of thinking
  • Awareness of autism and how to accomodate autistic employees
  • Genuine inclusion and diversity