KPMG Case Study

Data Science in a cloud-based smart audit platform

Project Detail

KPMG in the UK is part of a global network of member firms. Their work spans five areas: they Audit many of the UK’s largest companies. And their people in Consulting, Deal Advisory, Tax & Law and Technology and Engineering work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients, ranging from small start-ups and individuals to major multinationals, in virtually every industry imaginable.

SkillsData, Microsoft Azure, ETL with Alteryx
ManagerNick Frost, Head of Audit Technology and Innovation
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Working Plan

KPMG was the first of the Big Four professional service firms to move to a cloud-based smart audit platform: KPMG Clara. Based on Microsoft Azure KPMG Clara enables professionals to apply their extensive industry knowledge to deliver high-quality audits that consistently meet applicable professional standards, build trust with clients, and sustain public confidence. Incorporated into the platform are predictive analytics capabilities that leverage seamlessly advanced cognitive and artificial intelligence solutions as they evolve. 


As the project was starting, so too was KPMG’s relationship with auticon. And as KPMG Clara grew, so did auticon’s engagement with in. In the early days of the development auticon’s consultants augmented KPMG’s own development team, bringing their technical and cognitive strengths to the project 

The first auticon consultant team on the project made combined use of their technical abilities and attention to details to contribute to elements of the platform’s component ETL procedures and processes. As the requirement for the project changed over time so too did the auticon personnel. The structure of the team evolved, bringing in expertise in data wrangling and analytics as KPMG Clara was brought into operational use. The new team members made use of their superior cognitive abilities along the axes of prolonged concentration, attention to detail, and pattern recognition. 

Client’s Feedback

“By allowing auticon’s consultants to focus on their strengths they have produced great results and become key members of our team.“ 

Nick Frost, Head of Audit Technology and Innovation, Partner 


auticon’s association with KPMG Clara platform evolved over time, meshing with the clients requirement for different skills over the project life cycle. Our consultants integrated themselves into project teams, establishing reputations for productivity and the quality of their work. 

KPMG made full and specific use of the cognitive strengths possessed by our consultants, leveraging the advantages of their particular autistic advantages in a very effective way. Efficiently combining the complementary talents of both firms’ personnel in a well-planned project to deliver upon a strong strategy was a recipe for the success that was achieved. 

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