Intellect Design Arena Ltd Case Study

Quality Assurance in banking

Project Detail

Intellect Design Arena is a leading Financial Platform for Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Treasury Management, Central Banking and Insurance.

ClientIntellect Design Arena Ltd
SkillsTesting, Regulatory compliance, Denodo
ManagerAndrew Young (Intellect Head of Test) 
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Working Plan

Intellect Design Arena Limited is a recognised leader in financial technology for banking, insurance and other financial services. Intellect SEEC, their insurance software division, is a key IT partner for leading wealth management firm St. James’s Place – and working with them to optimise the production of the regulated financial statements that get sent to their customers. 


Given the heavy financial regulations and the expectations of their clients, St. James’s keeps a sharp focus on providing a service of the highest quality. In the hundreds of thousands of financial statements being produced each year, accuracy and completeness are simply necessary attributes. Anything less is unacceptable. 

To meet this quality objective St. James’s Place decided up a Data Virtualization solution produced by Denodo which required a significant level of change incorporate a large development build and very comprehensive testing. 

Following a review undertaken St. James’s Place, Intellect decided to engage with auticon for the provision of specialist testing and quality assurance resources. The auticon consultants worked across multiple delivery phases, designing and executing tests to validate the data that would appear across all financial statements. 

auticon provided Intellect with a constructive on-boarding experience for its consultants, and support for its team for the duration of the project. The result was a successful and very productive working relationship right from day one. 

The coupling of technology skills with the advantages of neurodiversity means that auticon’s personnel are very efficient testers and highly productive data wranglers. Error detection, attention to detail, sustained concentration, pattern recognition, and a systematic approach to tasks are cognitive strengths that auticon consultants bring to bear in QA projects.  

Client’s Feedback

“Working with auticon has proven to be a rewarding experience where we have seen enormously   talented individuals supported by auticon deliver real value and benefit in a complex and technically challenging eco-system.” 

Andrew Young (Intellect Head of Test) 


auticon’s consultants generated a steady stream of successful deliveries for the duration of their work with Intellect… and St. James’s Place realised the benefits of project success, delivering high quality reports to its clients in timely fashion and in adherence to the regulatory regime. 

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