Data & Business Intelligence

Without a purposeful structure, Big Data is but a set of seemingly random information.

auticon consultants transform mass data into meaningful information that businesses can work with. Combining their outstanding mathematical and statistical prowess with pattern recognition and attention to detail makes them true data wizards.

What we offer:

Due to their lateral thinking style, auticon consultants intuitively recognise patterns in seemingly unstructured information. No matter how extensive or complex your mass data – our consultants systemise it for you.

Structuring of complex data environments

Creation of consistent and comprehensive data sets

Cleansing of large data environments (job controls, SQL, etc.)

Crystallising correlations and causal links out of mass data beyond the scope of standard business administration provides a clear advantage for BI projects. The unique pattern recognition skills of auticon consultants possess means they are virtually predestined for this job.

Deriving correlations from mass data

Interpretation of mass data (e.g. transactions, log files, sensors)

Application of statistical and mathematical prognosis procedures

Creation and automation of statistical forecast

Customisation of existing BI and reporting solutions