Our management

Group Headquarter

Kurt Schöffer<br /> Group CEO

Christian Mangold<br />Group CFO


Anika Mahla<br /> Head of Group<br /> Marketing & Communications

Mike Zieren<br /> Head of Group IT

Sonia Allinson-Penny<br /> Head of Group HR & Recruiting

Fiorella Danker<br /> Executive Assistant

Country Management

Heike Gramkow<br /> Managing Director<br /> auticon Germany

Dieter Hahn<br /> Managing Director<br /> auticon Germany

Ralph Metzroth<br /> Managing Director<br /> auticon Germany

William Cunche<br /> CEO<br /> auticonsult France

Flora Thiebaut<br />COO<br />auticonsult France


Ray Coyle<br /> CEO<br /> auticon UK

Viola Sommer<br /> COO<br /> auticon UK

Markus Weber<br /> CEO<br /> auticon Switzerland

Alberto Balestrazzi<br /> CEO<br /> auticon Italy

Rebecca Beam<br /> President<br /> auticon US

Garth Johnson<br />CEO<br />auticon Canada


Bruno Wicker<br />CEO<br />auticonsult Canada (Montréal)