auticon’s IT consultants in the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and the US including junior consultants and some of Europe’s most talented developers, have been sought after for complex projects by over one third of the German Stock Index (DAX), including blue chip clients, Siemens, Infineon and Allianz, as well as a growing number of SMEs. You can find our Success Stories and client’s opinions here:





“Not only does the auticon consultant deliver outstanding results within his project – with his brilliant ideas and target-oriented way of thinking he also produced a lasting rewarding effect for the entire team. He thus created tangible value for us, significantly beyond the scope of what was expected.

Thanks to his swift and effortless integration into the existing project team and his meticulous eye for detail, we were able to utilise his output right from the start. We hereby wish to formally appreciate his work.”

Sven Oelschläger I Head of Application Governance at Postbank





“The auticon consultant has been supporting us with a detailed analysis of the Allianz Group’s global ICT costs for more than one year now. Approximately 20.000 data sets from a variety of different sources have been processed for 80 different points of contact.

The consultant analysed the structure of the data for upcoming evaluations using SAP, SAS VA and Excel Macros competently and independently. He effortlessly integrated into our team and directly contributed towards our English-language team meetings. We could rely on him at all times to implement adaptations swiftly and conscientiously, and to take any potential lateral connections into account. His technical knowhow has firmly been implemented within our internal systems and procedures as best practice standard.

The entire team has now taken on his structured approach to new tasks. His technical tips and tricks have replaced previous procedures that were labour-intensive and prone to errors.
We’re very much looking forward to our continued collaboration in a follow-up project.”

Andrea Schulz I Allianz Group IT-Reporting






“The auticon Consultant absolutely delivered the added value he wanted. His extremely precise approach coupled with his very high quality standards in testing were worth their weight in gold.”

Dr. Thomas Seeger I Head of Software Development, Deichmann SE

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“pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank is an open-minded enterprise where people with all sorts of different backgrounds work together. The auticon consultant’s systematic and detail-oriented style of work perfectly enhanced the quality assurance of our SAP BW platform. His unique skills created significant additional value for us – it has taught us a lot about the particular talents of people on the autism spectrum.”

Rudolf Meister I Head of Application Management Backoffice




“Two auticon consultants supported us in a project by analysing, developing and implementing functional system and regression tests. They familiarised themselves with the work very quickly and within the first week they were able to surpass the average number of processed test cases of 125 per day by almost 50 %. Their creative reorganisation of the testing procedure enabled the processing of more than 1000 test cases within two days.

Both consultants were keen and able to take on tasks beyond testing, involving a highly dynamic change- and configuration management style. They did a particularly great job with compiling the identified issues into error clusters. We are more than satisfied with the auticon consultants’ pace and quality of work.”

Rainer Degenhardt I Program-Manager at Siemens






„Autism brings along special talents. Especially in the IT environment the analytical-logical way of working and a new point of view are huge additional benefits for the whole team.“

Irmgard Arends-Koch I Head of Service Integration at Henkel



“The auticon employee familiarised himself extremely quickly with our structures and settled into our quality assurance framework completely independently. Releases regarding internal processes now even require authorisation by the auticon employee. Further tasks, such as the provisioning of our products and much more, were entrusted to the employee in order to pave the way for successful future collaborations.”

Dr. Philipp Offermann I Director Product



“The auticon consultant’s quality of work is decidedly above average. For reBuy this creates concrete additional benefits that we highly appreciate. The thorough and complete preparation by auticon led to a smooth and uncomplicated daily routine with the auticon employee right from the start. Thanks to treating the subject in such an open manner, nobody at reBuy has any reservations. We are that enthusiastic about the positive collaboration that we are already planning two further positions for people with autism.”

Oliver Mackovic I CEO



“Even though the auticon consultants entered the project at a relatively advanced stage and were subject to increased time pressure, they quickly adapted to the assigned tasks. They were a valuable addition to the project team. Overall, we have had very good experiences with people with Asperger syndrome and perceived their work as very enriching. Bayern LB will gladly turn to auticon staff whenever needed in the future.”

Andrea Gläßer I Head of Division

Zwick Roell

“The auticon consultant is engaged and committed and brings real value to the Zwick Central development team through his clear insights on current issues and possible solutions. Examples include – guidelines and best practices for agile development and refining of our test concept.
I personally very appreciate his direct communication style as well as his passion to create a great product.”

Naren Karattup I Head of Central
Platform Development





“We needed a new way of looking at things and particular analytical skills and so turned to auticon.
Our collaboration was exceedingly fruitful and producitve.”


Tibor Konya I Head of GSE1 Business Continuity & Intelligence

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“We have appointed an auticon consultant for the quality assurance of our internal IT and editorial systems. It’s astonishing how quickly, accurately and independently this young man works. The collaboration runs smoothly and much more effortlessly than I initially imagined. More than that – we genuinely benefit from the auticon consultant’s distinctive way of thinking.”

Heiner Ulrich I Deputy Head of IT



“The collaboration with the auticon consultants worked smoothly and successfully from day one. They had an excellent eye to detect the smallest mistakes and furthermore showed us efficient ways to resolve them. We have conducted several projects in different departments with auticon. For me personally the experience has been a very special job enrichment!”

Ulrike Melzer I Senior Manager IT B2B Services



“The auticon consultant supported a project of our research and development department for several months. He effortlessly integrated into the team and our corporate structures. His in-depth analysis of the topic in question has provided an excellent basis for the team to further develop the project. Likewise, the collaboration with the auticon job coaches worked very well from day one.”

Stephan Kohorst I Managing Director