Application process

In the first step you send us your application documents consisting of a resume, cover letter and certificates (if applicable).

Informal chat
After examining your documents, we will invite you to an information meeting. At the same time, we will send you a questionnaire for a self-assessment of your IT knowledge. After the information meeting, we will decide whether we invite you to the auticon competence analysis, in which we will determine your professional suitability for the desired position.

Skills Assessment
This one-day competence analysis takes place at the respective auticon location. The results will be used to decide whether we invite you to the preparation phase.

Preparation workshop
The first part of the preparation phase takes up to two weeks. This part of the preparation phase consists of workshops and training sessions on social interaction. During this time, you will work on individual tasks as well as group tasks with other applicants. In this way you will be well prepared for your future work with our customers. You can contribute your own questions and experiences. At the same time, you learn to work in teams, to master stressful situations and to apply your strengths in a targeted manner.
In the second part of the preparation phase we offer you the opportunity to expand your professional competence profile depending on individual knowledge and planned project assignments (e.g. software testing certificates according to ISTQB standards). Depending on your technical background, this section can take up to six weeks. In this phase, however, there is no obligation to be present – many tasks can be completed on your own.
In the third part, you are prepared individually for potential customer needs. The content and duration of this preparation, e.g. a technical training course in SAP or specific programming languages, depend on the customer need and your personal competence profile.

You want to apply? Here you find all open positions for IT consultants on the autism spectrum.