Allianz Case Study

Optimization of Group-wide IT reporting

Project Detail

Allianz SE is the holding company of the Allianz group. It is one of the world’s leading insurance and financial services providers active in the insurance industry, pensions and asset management.

SkillsSAP BW, SAS VA and Excel Macros
ManagerAndrea Schulz, Head of IT Reporting & Controlling
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Working Plan

The target of auticon’s deployment was to optimize the detailed analysis of global IT costs at Allianz. Each quarter approximately 20,000 data records from different sources are processed for 80 different points of contact. The manual evaluation steps that were previously used needed to be replaced by automatic ones in order to minimize the error rate in reporting.


Our consultant, Roland, had a seamless and fast integration into the existing team. Interim results were communicated by the auticon consultant and discussed during the team meetings which were held in English. He implemented changes at all times in a very fast and reliable manner. The consultant displayed a particular talent for maintaining a precise overview; any interconnections resulting from adjustments were thought through from the start. With his assistance, the team learned to work in a very structured way with many technical intricacies that made the previous manual and error-prone solutions superfluous.

Client’s Feedback

“The auticon consultant’s technical expertise is now being implemented as best practice in our systems and processes. I can highly recommend the auticon consultant. We look forward to further cooperation
in future projects!”

Andrea Schulz, Head of IT Reporting & Controlling at Allianz Group


Roland first analyzed the data structure for the new evaluations. “He discovered functions in SAP BW we hadn’t known existed before that made our work a lot easier,” said Andrea Schulz, project coordinator from Allianz. As a result, manual evaluations were automated and optimized. An external Excel consultant provided the Allianz team with confirmation: The Excel reports created by the auticon consultant are extremely well structured and use complex formulas and macros in an optimal fashion.

The client benefited in two ways: On a professional level the auticon consultant fulfilled the client‘s requirements completely. The solutions he created are now firmly integrated into the client‘s systems and processes. The entire team benefited from the auticon consultant‘s structured working method.

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