Autistic-majority IT Services Company Measures Impact and Benefits of Employment in New Report

auticon celebrates #AutisticPride Day with the release of its Global Impact Report measuring employee growth in professional development, confidence, and personal autonomy

JUNE 18, 2020 – auticon, a social enterprise that employs over 200 adults on the autism spectrum as technology consultants, is celebrating Autistic Pride Day by releasing its Global Impact Report (read here), which outlines key findings from a survey of its autistic employees. The survey was conducted by Aleron, social impact specialists. Additionally, today, members of auticon’s teams have contributed art and expression to celebrate their pride in celebration of Autistic Pride Day.

Autistic adults often have extraordinary talents in STEM and unique cognitive advantages in logic, pattern recognition, precision, sustained concentration, and an ability to intuitively spot errors, yet many find it difficult to secure or maintain mainstream employment. With its Global Impact Report, auticon looks to measure the impact and benefits of working at auticon for those on the autism spectrum.

Increased confidence, autonomy, and wellbeing of auticon consultants:

  • 70% agree that working at auticon has improved their self confidence
  • 74% agree that working at auticon has improved their personal wellbeing
  • 64% agree that working at auticon has improved their personal autonomy

Autistic adults enter quality employment at auticon with opportunities for development:

  • 80% agree that working at auticon has improved their skills and abilities
  • 74% agree that working at auticon has improved their understanding of their skills and abilities
  • 70% agree that working at auticon has provided opportunities for professional development
  • 56% agree that working at auticon has helped them reach their full working potential

Job coaches help consultants with the transition to the client’s workplace*:

  • 83% agree that the support offered by their job coach helps with their transition to a client’s workplace

Job coaches provide essential support services to our autistic teams. Among the following job coaching elements, 93% found at least one element particularly helpful*:

  • support for any concerns in the workplace (53%)
  • support with communication and interaction (47%)
  • project onboarding (46%)
  • 1-to-1 job coaching sessions (41%)
  • discussing and reviewing workplace adjustments (36%)
  • attending the first day at a new project (32%)
  • discussing and reviewing goals for personal development (29%)
  • providing strategies for stress management (26%)

Increased client understanding and confidence in working with autistic adults

  • In 2019, auticon completed 164 workplace assessments for our clients, identifying opportunities to make their workplaces more accessible for neurodiverse adults
  • In the same year auticon developed 155 training documents to assist in the training of client employees in neurodiversity
  • In 2019, auticon delivered 140 training sessions with clients, training over 1,000 client employees on neurodiversity in the workplace

Clients and their teams experience a positive shift in perceptions of working with a more neurodiverse team

  • “I found the consultants really good to work with – the fact that they are autistic soon became something that wasn’t even a consideration.”
  • “It was a pleasure working with auticon, who expanded our understanding of autism and helped us put in place an environment where the consultant could utilise their unique skillset in a positive way. We very much hope to have the opportunity to work with auticon again in the future.”

auticon offers exceptional quality work within the information technology industry. The company’s client services include business analytics, artificial intelligence, software development, cybersecurity, as well as quality assurance and testing. auticon provides two operating models for clients: the “remote model” where work is completed at auticon’s office locations or virtual consultants working from home; and the “on-site model” where the consultant works at the client’s office location.

  • In 2019, auticon received 700 job applications from eligible applicants
  • The auticon group uses an inclusive recruitment process, including skills assessments and preparation workshops. In 2019 auticon hosted 154 skills assessments, assessing skills directly. In the same year we held 33 preparation workshops with candidates
  • This resulted in 96 job offers in 2019, of which 94 were accepted

Consultant survey: Response rates

Our consultant impact survey was sent to all currently employed consultants and analysts at the time of distribution in January 2020. The impact statistics reported show the results for all autistic consultants and analysts who completed our impact survey – 126 respondents. They show the proportion who agreed or strongly agreed with the statement in the question, and the proportion who found elements of their job coaching particularly helpful.

*Job coaches were not present in the US market at the time of the impact survey distribution. Therefore, the responses from the US (26 respondents) have not been included in these specific results related to job coaches, leaving 100 respondents in these instances.

Aleron quote

“It has been a pleasure working with auticon on their first global impact study and report. auticon is a fantastic multi-national social enterprise with a clear positive impact for their consultants. auticon’s unique model has the ability to be applied in many different contexts, countries and organisations, and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.”

About auticon

With a high demand for data quality and flawless software development, auticon provides a neurodiverse and agile workforce to improve our client’s IT projects. Our hybrid onsite and offsite teams utilize the cognitive benefits of autism to provide the sustained concentration and analytical mindset that makes us wired for success.

Our teams include fully-trained personnel specializing in software development, data analysis, quality assurance and testing, automation engineering, and more.

auticon has international offices in Germany, United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and throughout the United Kingdom. Investors include Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group Ltd., Felix and Susanne Porsche, Ananda Impact Ventures, Ferd AS, Yabeo Capital, and Ferst Capital Partners.


Press Contact
David Reeve
david.reeve at auticon.us

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