auticon launches in Switzerland

Next to the UK, Germany and France, auticon now also operates in Switzerland

The exceptional cognitive abilities of our Consultants create significant value for clients – the business model in Germany, UK and France is highly successful.

We create autism-friendly work environments and thus promote an increasingly inclusive labour market. The NAS estimates that only 15% of autistic adults in the UK are in full-time employment, often despite being highly qualified.

“The market entry in Switzerland was a logical next step for us as there are so many successful and innovative companies, which could all benefit from the exceptional abilities of our IT Consultants” says Swiss CEO Markus Weber, formerly Head of Business Development at the UK branch. auticon Swiss AG will focus on the Zurich area for now, before expanding its services to the rest of Switzerland in 2019.

Marvin Schulze is our first IT Consultant in Switzerland. Marvin relocated from Germany to Switzerland to support the setup of the Swiss branch and conveniently also uses the opportunity to be closer to his girlfriend, who lives in Switzerland. “I am glad that auticon now also offers exciting work opportunities for autistic people in Switzerland” says the 28-year old.

Swiss auticon Consultants are offered support by in-house Job Coaches who ensure that the Consultants’ work environment is fully autism-friendly. Additionally, a Project Manager provides technical guidance and mentors the Consultants’ professional development.

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