Research Committee

Contact us about participating in your research study

As a proactive actor in promoting better inclusion of individuals on the autism spectrum, the auticon group is receptive to participate in various projects through partnership with research groups from universities.

Our Scientific Committee, comprised of professionals from across the auticon network, vets requests for research. This ensures that we maintain focus on those topics that further auticon’s mission and limits requests for participation to those which benefit our employees the most.

Please complete the following form to indicate your interest in partnering with auticon and we will respond after the Scientific Committee has reviewed your proposal (typically responding within a six weekly cycle).

    Name of Principal Investigator:

    Institution of affiliation:

    Email Address of Principal Investigator:

    Title of the project:

    Type of research: Fundamental/Applied

    Fundamental research = “research primarily aimed at obtaining knowledge”
    Applied research = “research primarily aimed at direct application to the world”


    Summary (Objectives, Methodology, Number of participants) (max 500 words):

    Expected outcomes (e.g. benefits for autistic population / Innovation / Theoretical understanding…):

    Short description of expected benefit for auticon (max 150 words):

    auticon office(s) involved:
    GermanyFranceItalySwitzerlandU.K.Santa MonicaMontréalCalgaryAustralia

    Short description of auticon’s expected participation:
    -auticon employee sample characteristics and size (max 150 words):

    -Maximum time involved by participant:

    Expected project duration total (even if only approximate):

    Expected start date of auticon involvement:

    Source(s) of funding :

    Ethical approval obtained (Yes/No/Ongoing) :

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