15 newly created roles for Australian autistic workers on offer

Sydney, Australia — Today, auticon Australia announced the need to hire 15 new roles for autistic people due to growing demand from clients. Since opening its doors here in Australia late in 2019 auticon have experienced consistent and rapid growth as the organization continues to deliver extraordinary results for its clients.

In late February this year, auticon took out an award at the ACS Digital Disruptors Awards for their outstanding work with national retailer Woolworths as they continue to get noticed by ASX top 100 companies across Australia.

The social enterprise is committed to creating real and meaningful opportunities for those on the autism spectrum and they are dedicated to bringing about real change in how organizations across Australia view people on the autism spectrum.

auticon Australia Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Mr Bodo Mann was excited to be able to offer this opportunity and keen to raise awareness about auticon’s mission.

“Being able to announce the opportunity to hire 15 new consultants in our business and double the size of the Australian operations is fantastic,” said Mann

“This is really only the beginning, but it’s great to see change in action and Australia businesses beginning to embrace diversity in all its forms. We know there is a long way to go to create a substantial impact on the unemployment rate of autistic people, but this is a real step in the right direction.”

“I believe our ongoing growth can really be attributed to the high-quality support our business offers to both our clients and our consultants to build an autism friendly environment.”

Casey Pfluger, a former medical researcher who had previously struggled with transitioning into a new employment industry discussed the difference that auticon has made to his life and how being employed by the organization has been a real game changer.

“From the first contact I had with auticon I knew that this was a company that understood how to work with neurodiverse people and valued us as individuals with unique skills.”

“In previous roles I never felt like my autism diagnosis was something positive and it definitely wasn’t something I felt I could be open about. When I disclosed my diagnosis on one occasion to a supervisor, I had worked with it for more than a decade it adversely affected my treatment at work, which I found really sad.”

“In contrast to my previous experiences, working with auticon has been a very affirming and positive experience and I feel proud to be included in the diverse team of consultants at auticon Australia. We aren’t expected to be anyone but ourselves and that is such a new thing for me!”

“To me auticon is more than just an employer. They are also a flagship for the value of neurodiversity in the workplace.”

“My 12-year-old daughter is also autistic. Since I started work with auticon her attitude to her own diagnosis has become so much more positive from seeing that autism doesn’t have to be a barrier to a good job.”

Anyone interested in working for auticon should contact us at  or if you would like to take out online assessment please click here . As we know here at auticon, everyone is different, and we all need to be treated as individuals. Therefore, if you are autistic and have a CV please send it to the above email address, if do not have a CV and you just want to learn a bit more about the organization you can send us your contact details and we will be in touch to be the conversation.

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