Amazing Things Happen

“Creating Wonderful Things”, videos that clearly explain autism in more than 15 languages!

« Amazing things happen »was created by independent animation producer Alex Amelines. This short film was released in April 2017 as part of World Autism Awareness Day. It is available free of charge. He explains autism using simple descriptions, concrete situations and positive language. It is specially designed for children from 7 to 11 years old, but it remains very informative and fun for all ages!

Alex Amelines designed it in over 2 years on his own time!

“After talking with the principal of my child’s school, it became clear that there was a lack of visual information about autism for children, which is a shame because childhood is the perfect time to learn tolerance and understanding from others. That’s why I decided to do this animation. I wanted to create something that would really engage children and help them see things from their perspective. It is a support that can also be used at school, in homework, within families or as a tool for children who want to share their diagnosis with their peers. There is so much to say about autism that it was difficult to condense the essentials into 5 minutes, but I hope this will serve as an introduction to the subject. In addition, I hope it will serve as a springboard to develop a series so that children can explore the subject more deeply and focus on the issues that families affected by autism would like the world to know,” explains Alex.

Thanks to him, it is a unique awareness-raising tool to be used worldwide!

More information about the video here: http://amazingthingshappen.tv/

This animation is under license  Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND.


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“This is a really brilliant introduction to understanding autism, very well crafted and a great way to tackle any fear or prejudice in a clever concise manner.”

Andy Orrick, Chief of StuffRattling Stick, United Kingdom

“Brilliant!!! The descriptions are accurate, and the messages so clear.”

Professor Tony Attwood, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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