Our 2018 Impact Report

Key facts

  • International IT consultancy business and B2B social enterprise
  • auticon provides high quality careers in the IT sector for autistic adults. All consultants are formally diagnosed as autistic
  • auticon consultants have unique cognitive strengths in pattern recognition, error detection, logical analysis, attention to detail and sustained concentration
  • Services in analytics, software testing, development, compliance and security
  • Clients range from major corporations to SME’s, charities and Start-Ups
  • More than 200 colleagues across the UK, US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Canada

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved at auticon UK in 2018 and hope that you will be impressed with the impact set out in the following pages. auticon UK is just a small part of the auticon story, which is now transforming lives across seven countries and growing fast.

At auticon we firmly believe in the commercial benefits that autistic people can bring to the workplace. We know that by providing businesses with a commercially viable way to tap into these skills we can create high quality careers for increasing numbers of great people that are currently excluded from our workforce. Our growth over the coming years, both in the UK and internationally, will prove to the world the benefits of tapping into this resource and, we hope, shift people’s perceptions forever.

Nothing we have achieved in the last twelve months would be possible without the input and support of so many people: our investors, advisory board, international colleagues and those that have provided their support by investing their time and effort to help us grow. The amazing work done by our consulting team, which has impressed so many of our clients, helps us to retain and win business. However, the most important factor for our past and future growth is the moment of decision by a CTO, CIO, Project Manager or team leader to cast aside their fears and doubts, to embrace neurodiversity and to bring a highly skilled auticon consultant into their team. The results set out in these pages spring directly from each and every one of those decisions. You should each be as proud of this report as I am.

It is a great honour to welcome you to this impact report. I hope you will find it both informative and uplifting how auticon is making an impact on both the lives of their employees and on society in general by giving those of us on the spectrum quality employment and helping to spread awareness of the strengths and benefits we bring to those who hire us.

Before auticon, and especially before my diagnosis, I was left to my own devices to develop survival strategies. Some worked, some were flawed. Life as a whole was difficult due to all the stress and constant setbacks. At auticon, however, the story is different: I have never felt so secure and supported. My working conditions enable me to thrive, and I even have a job coach who visits me at work and liaises with the client about concerns or questions regarding me and my position as a consultant.

auticon goes above and beyond in their efforts to ensure success and the mutual satisfaction of all parties. I am proud to be part of the growing team, and to be part of a ground-breaking project that provides employment to people on the spectrum whilst at the same time spreading awareness of our untapped potential.

It is very empowering and humbling at the same to be part of something bigger than myself. I feel I am becoming a more accepted member of society, something many of us strive for but way too often are denied because our condition is still so misunderstood.

I hope more people on the spectrum will take advantage of the opportunities and support that auticon provides. I also hope that auticon’s success will inspire other businesses to employ people on the spectrum, even if their calling is not in IT.

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