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Pioneering Neurodiversity Employer Reaches 10 Years and Changes Hundreds of Lives Globally

After 10 years, auticon believes the tide is finally turning for inclusive employment as businesses reap the benefits of diverse thinking but there is still more work to be done.

Perspectives on innovative and creative intelligence

we asked some of our most innovative autistic employees to share their thoughts on innovation, autism, and more.

Providing innovative accommodations in autism-friendly workspaces

While workplace accommodations like dimming the lights and wearing noise-canceling headphones are essential to autistic workers, it’s time to dive deeper into the conversation of workplace accommodations for autism.

Not all disabilities are visible

Not all disabilities are visible

Autistic-majority IT Services Company Measures Impact and Benefits of Employment in New Report

auticon celebrates #AutisticPride Day with the release of its Global Impact Report measuring employee growth in professional development, confidence, and personal autonomy

auticon’s 2020 Global Impact Report

As a social enterprise, auticon works to improve the lives of autistic adults by applying their valuable skills in information technology to clients and their workplaces. The results of our global employee survey are herein: